Commercial Carpet Installation Extras To Consider

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Commercial Carpet Installation Extras To Consider

17 July 2018
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If you're trying carpet installation for your small office, chances are you'll be doing so for the first time. Laying the carpet seems straightforward, but there are extras and minor issues that could affect how the carpet performs and how the floor beneath it fares. Consider these carpet installation extras and prep for them as you get ready for the task.

Clean Floor

Whatever flood will be silently lying beneath the carpet needs to be cleaned well before new installation happens. If you've ripped up existing carpet, this could mean that you're also going to contend with adhesives used before. If you don't scrape all the adhesive away, that can affect how well your new carpet attaches, and it can in some cases lead to bumps that could be felt while walking the length of the floor.

If you're covering wood or concrete, do a full washing of the space; be sure to give more than one day for drying. Trapping water beneath a carpet is asking for mold; be patient until drying is certain.

Measuring More Than Once

You likely measured the office space before purchasing the carpet. However, you should recheck those measurements. Estimating space, especially when there are spots that aren't perfectly rectangular, isn't always easy. However, if you cut the carpet improperly, your efforts to fix it or do patches may not look right. Either remeasure or have someone else take measurements to be sure.

Acoustic Carpet Pad

A commercial carpet pad is essential for a few reasons. First, it provides a barrier between the actual carpet and floor; this protects the underlying floor of the structure from spills and similar damage. If your office grows too large and you want to sell, the seller can be guaranteed that carpet can be easily removed. Second, it provides a cushion for the carpet itself that prolongs its life. Lastly, commercial acoustic carpet pads can dampen sound. This is important for anyone on a ground floor who would otherwise have to hear every chair moving, every step and every drop above their head.

Thick pads from waterproof materials are preferred. Explore polyurethane and rubber models to see which most fits into your office's budget.

Your office's new carpet installation can be a project you're satisfied with. If frustration sets in or you realize you've made mistakes, considering calling real carpet professionals to advise and recommend possible installation solutions.